About The CARes Project

The CARes Project, Inc.

Begun as an initiative of the United Way of Davie County in 2016, The CARes Project is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation. Operations began in 2017 with individual financial counseling and group home budgeting classes offered in Davie County. The first vehicle loans were made at the beginning of 2018. With an expansion into Forsyth and Davidson counties, The CARes Project, Inc. is now a certified Community Financial Development Institution (CDFI) funded in part by the US Treasury, to address the financial service needs of low and moderate-income residents of these North Carolina counties.

Our mission is to help people become financially secure through car ownership, by making community-funded vehicle loans, and by building skills through financial and credit coaching. 

Our Team
Scott McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer


336-840-1555 ext. 101

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Rick Menendez, Senior Financial Coach


336-840-1555 ext. 102

Scott McLaughlin, D.Min., is the Chief Executive Officer of The CARes Project, Inc. With over twenty-five years of leadership experience in educational, faith-based, and community nonprofit organizations, his mission is to build the organizational and fiscal foundation of the CARes Project, integrate the agency into the region's collaborative community development efforts, and lead the Project's growth into other counties in North Carolina. Scott also enjoys working with applicants to help them become skilled in money management and takes pride in every person who graduates from the car ownership program.

Rick Menendez is the Senior Financial Coach of The CARes Project, Inc. With training and significant experience in both banking and social work, Rick brings a unique blend of skills and knowledge to his work with applicants. Patient and kind in working with the CARes Project's participants, he also invests the determination, honesty, and high standards required to provoke needed changes in the lives of those with whom he coaches. His mission is to be the conduit by which low-income families can begin successfully to climb the ladder of financial success, no matter where they start.

Melinda Beauchamp, Director of Strategic Initiatives 


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Heidi K. Eddy, Administrative Assistant


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Melinda has been in nonprofit work for over 35 years. She worked for the American Red Cross, SECU Family House, Family Services, Second Harvest Food Bank, and United Way.  She served as the CEO for United Way of Davie County for 9.5 years before retiring June 30, 2020. Melinda took the plan of meeting the transportation challenges of Davie County residents with her when she took the position with United Way. The dream of a program to address the transportation issue took 7 years to create. With the help of David Roddick, who volunteered countless hours to help develop The CARes Project, United Way of Davie County was able to launch this program in 2018. CARes was Melinda’s passion and when she retired she knew she wanted to help CARes to expand across the state of NC using her connections with the United Way network. She began working with CARes January 6, 2021 as the Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Heidi K. Eddy, Ed.S. is the Administrative Assistant for the CARes Project. Her interest in helping people improve their lives by experiencing transformative change, supported by her degree work in Education for Social Change, brought her to The CARes Project.  She brings over two decades of experience as both an educator and an administrator in educational and faith-based organizations. Heidi enjoys putting her organizational skills, administrative experience, and publication knowledge to use to support the mission and growth of The CARes Project. 


List of Current Board of Directors


Andrew LaRowe, Board President

Marketing Committee Chair
President of EduCon Energy
Forsyth County


Tamara K. Taylor, Board Vice President

Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity of Davie County

Davie County

Michelle Younts, Board Treasurer 

Governance Committee Chair
Market Manager

Davidson County

Kim McClure, Board Secretary

District Executive Director

Davie & Yadkin Family YMCAs

Davie County

Fred Bazemore
Director of Programs and Operations
Experiment in Self-Reliance

Forsyth County


Neal P. Cheek
Independent Business Owner
Davie County

Renee Griffin

Executive Support Manager

Senior Services of Forsyth County

Forsyth County

Marcia Phillips


Advocacy Center of Davie County

Davie County

Rick Hall

Adult Division Director

Forsyth County Department of Social Services 

Forsyth County